Handmade Leather Bags & Backpacks

  • Leatherworking classes and workshops in Tbilisi

    Tbilisi Leather Craft: Hands-On Workshops & Things to Do

    Qisabags is excited to announce our one-day workshops and leatherworking classes, conducted entirely in English. Join us for a dynamic group experience where you'll delve into the world of natural leather crafting. Located in the heart of Tbilisi, Vake district,...

  • Suede Cross Body Bag

    Top Suede Cross Body Bag Design in 2022

    Introducing Women's Top Suede Cross Body Bag of the year. Well deserved title for such exquisite and versatile Suede Bag, Handcrafted from the finest Leather.
  • Brown Leather Backpack

    Top Brown Leather Backpacks

    Brown Leather Backpacks are Classics of any season. Gorgeous Brown Leather Purses for women, Handmade from the finest Leather to last a lifetime. They go perfectly with absolutely any outfit or season.
  • Women's Leather Bags

    Best Women's Leather Backpack Purses for work

    Most Stylish and versatile women's leather work bags and Backpack Purses This is your new ultimate guide to sustainable fashion. There are a lot of option out there for different kinds of leather bags and purses but there is always...

  • Handmade Custom Leather Bag

    Customizable, Handmade Leather Bags | QisaBags

    Build-a-Bag Workshop / Handmade artisan leather bags. Qisabags leather workshop is indeed the most unique place on earth with so much innovative, creating and interesting ideas. All of the Qisabags leather accessories are handcrafted from the finest leather and made by their own design. You definitely can't buy anything
  • Leather Gift Guide for Women

    Leather Gift Guide for Women 2022 | Leather Goods

    We all know how challenging it is to find a perfect, thoughtful gift for loved ones or even for yourself! These leather accessories are Bestsellers of 2021 and one of the most timeless, unique pieces. Outstanding craftsmanship and unique design and versatility is what sets all of them apart from many others out there.