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Qisabags leather workshop is indeed the most unique place on earth with so much innovative, creating and interesting ideas. All of the Qisabags leather accessories are handcrafted from the finest leather and made by their own design. You definitely can't buy anything like that in a regular store. The concept of this Brand is also very fascinating and I can guarantee, you've never seen anything like that before. Qisabags gives their customers the opportunity to style and customize their bags while placing an order, which makes this experience so much more interesting and engaging for customers. Turns out, there are so many ways that you can customize a leather purse, adjust it to your needs and make it completely your own! There different Add On options available on the website which go with any Qisabags designs.

Leather Bag Qisabags

1. Additional Chain

The first customization feature that is the most popular amongst Qisabags customers is additional chain in Rose Gold, Antique Brass or Silver color. The chain also varies by thickness and length, and you can also choose to either use the chain as a stylish chain shoulder strap/handle or a decorative accessory on the front of your purse. You can easily customize your Qisabag by attaching this gorgeous chain extensions whenever you'd like. This chain is removable, adjustable and super easy to use. 

Custom Leather Purse

2. Leather Front Belt

All of this gorgeous leather bag designs are super versatile and you can actually swap the front belt of any qisabag and change it to ADD ON "Ring Belt" or a regular "Buckle Belt" in any color. This is definitely a fun way to experiment with colors and you can also purchase additional leather straps in different color to match your new belt. One day your purse is very classic and minimal for work and in a split second it's customized with Electric Belt or straps and it's now funky and vibrant! So you can dress up your Qisabag according to your mood and occasion and match it with different colors and styles!

Handmade Leather Purse

3. Leather Straps

Since most of the Qisabags designs are Convertible and can easily be transformed from a backpack to a stylish crossbody strap, Interchangeable leather straps come in handy. Qisabags designs usually come with long leather straps, in order to use them as cross body style as well and you can also purchase additional short leather strap to conveniently use your leather purse as a shoulder bag on top of a cross body / backpack option. This shoulder straps are removable, very practical to use and they come in all colors. You can match to the color of your Qisabag, or do the exact opposite. 


Handmade Leather Handbag

4. Top Handles

In case you'd like your purse to have a short leather handle to easily carry it everywhere, Qisbags offers you the opportunity to add Top Handle option to your purse. The top handle is very practical for a laptop / work bag and it goes really great with the overall design. You can choose to add either two long top handles or one cute short handle on the back.

Qisabags Leather Goods

5. Pockets and Laptop Sleeve

Qisabas offers customization within the whole design of your purse, so in case you feel you need extra pockets, you can easily add one. And we all know how important extra compartments can be! Most of these designs come with interior pocket with zipper and an interior phone pocket, but you also have an option to add a back pocket with zipper or an interior sleeve for a laptop. You can customize any design from large laptop purses to small leather phone bags. Phone bags designs can be customized with additional card holder for credit cards or an interior divider for passport.

Leather iPhone 13 pro phone case

Qisabags leather workshop is famous for creating one of a kind pieces for their customers and customizing these designs to better accommodate the needs of each and single one of their customers. This is actually how most of the designs were created and than modified, because Qisabags has this really special bond and connection with their customers. They always listen and are ready to go above and beyond to satisfy their beloved customers - customize and adjust any design for their crowd. Now they have shipped more than 4000 pieces of custom leather designs worldwide for the past four years, perfecting their style and quality more and more each ear.

They truly do have an amazing communication, which benefits both - the brand and customers. When Qisabags workshop first started out working on their designs four years ago, the best practice that they implanted was, that they were always looking for ways to improve their designs and grow as an international brand, which entirely depended on their customers feedback. By listing to their customers, Qisabags understood exactly what they had to add to their designs to better accommodate the larger base of their customers and improve their products.  So if you love unique, handmade products that will be tailored to your needs, this place is definitely for you!

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