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        Welcome to our workshop! This is the place where everything is possible, where the ideas are born. We are a group of hard working people from different backgrounds who specialize in leather crafting, sewing, designing and creating the best possible product, working with the highest quality leather. The love for crafting united us together and formed a family. Our workshop is based in Georgia-Tbilisi and we ship our humble creations worldwide from here. We love what we do and we want to share it with the world!  We Do not make exact same bag twice, there is always a small difference in details and that's what makes Our bags Unique and One of its own kind. Your bag will be specifically designed for you! You won’t find another bag exactly like it.

        Each purse is made with biggest dedication and attention to details. Several people, Including Me, Kato - the owner, designer and a maker of Qisabags design, are working on making the perfect purse, processed in many different ways to ensure its durability and toughness, making sure it will last a lifetime. Me and my team are definitely not afraid to use heavy manual tools and embossing machinery.
        The quality is checked at every step here, because we thrive for perfection! Finally when all this is done, we package our purses and get them shipped everywhere across the world.

          Our workshop has three floors, It is really cozy and has vintage vibes. It is all we have ever wanted and so much more! When we work there, the inspiration just flows. It is loft styled, cozy, 70 square meters, 7 meters in height workshop, With lots of wood elements. First floor is for processing, working and there is also a vintage styled area for dining. Second floor has a semi opened, interior balcony from where you can fully see the first floor. This floor is for packaging and quality check up. Third floor is a mansard entirely made from wood and glass sealing. It is our storage unit. Our workshop used to be painters workshop, so the sealing is entirely made from windows to provide the maximum natural light. 
          We all love our cozy, unique work space which inspires us every single day to do our very best. We always welcome guests with an open heart and a glass of our home made famous Georgian wine!